Our Approach 

We do not believe in one general broad-spectrum approach because every person that comes through our door is a unique individual with their own set of needs. We believe our clients deserve the best care possible. That is why we pride ourselves on getting to know each and every one of our clients to build a unique approach tailored to the individual's goals and needs.

Some skilled interventions include: the Hayden approach, the Milieu approach, Laura Mize activities, Picture Communication Systems, Oral Placement Therapy, Voice Intervention, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Swallow Right, Vital Stim, Fluency Intervention, Cycles of Phonological  Processes, & LSVT.


"Since starting with Gwen my child has went from very few people understanding him to many people understanding what he says.She is patient with him on difficult days. She tries many different things to see what is right for the child. Even offers suggestions for things to try at home and accepts suggestions from parents who may have an idea on something to try. We have been pleased with all she does for our child.


Valarie Robb


“My child's eyes light up when she sees Ms. Gwen! She has progressed so much since she began therapy."

A Happy Mom

“Gwen's Speech Therapy has been such a help to both my son and a special needs student with whom I work. Gwen and the other staff create a positive and pleasant environment for learning. Students feel relaxed but still motivated to learn. the lessons are interactive and fun, and students learn different methods and strategies to foster their speech development.positive reinforcement and games help students achieve their goals. I have been very pleased with Gwen's Speech Therapy and highly recommend it to others. Thank you Gwen for being such a blessing!"

Beth Curry

“My child has gone to Gwen for speech services for 3+ years now, Gwen is amazing and I highly recommend her! An questions or concerns iI had regarding my children Gwen has helped point me in the right direction and provide the services they need!

Amanda Breedlove